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We are a collective of Christian youth workers, passionate about creating safe spaces for young people to encounter God's love in a way that transforms their lives and equips them to reach their potential.

Encounter - Transform - Equip



In 2016 churches across Winchester came together to run the 'Tent on the Green' Festival outside the Cathedral. Motivated by the joy of working together and by the Christian faith we hold in common, the youth leaders agreed to continue collaborating on initiatives for the benefit of the young people in the area. As a team, we believe that God wants to meet with young people to give them an abundant life and we are committed to spreading this message like 'Wildfire' to the next generation.

In August 2021 we received Community Interest Company (CIC) status, reflecting the growth of the project and it's vision. Today we work in local secondary schools and in the areas around greater Winchester, running youth clubs and girls' courses, offering one to one support and organising residentials. We do this in a way that reflects our ethos and values. 

The future looks bright as we seek to work with more young people, start new initiatives and see more communities set alight with hope.

Image by Hannah Busing


The following vales underpin all we do, reflecting our ethos and method of work...


All our services have the young people's interests at heart and reflect their real needs. We aim to involve and consult young people at every level, also giving opportunities for experience in becoming a young leader alongside the team.


Working with others who share our goals and values is important to us and moves us closer to the vision. We enjoy working alongside various churches, schools, councils and other agencies to provide the best support possible for young people. 


All our services create opportunities to build impactful and positive relationships with young people. We're in it for the long haul and intend to be a consistent source of support for young people. We seek to create friendly and welcoming environments wherever we go so young people 'feel at home'.


Our activities aim to support young people mentally, spiritually and emotionally, to equip them with the skills and confidence to make positive life choices. Through our consistent support and variety of projects we believe young people can grow resilience to face the many challenges that may come their way. 


We are motivated by our Christian faith and are represented by churches of various denominations. Modelled by Jesus' teachings and inspired by our own stories of God at work, we seek to share hope and find value in everyone. We welcome all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, political view or religious affiliation. Some of our activities are specifically designed for young people to encounter God and learn more about our faith in an approachable and relevant way, whilst others provide more general support. But in both cases, our initiatives are open to all young people regardless of faith or background.


We are a diverse, creative and innovative team who strive to be the best we can in supporting young people. We constantly listen to feedback and look for ways to do things better.

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